November Blog


Don’t you think November has gone fast? I certainly do! We started the month with another outing to Allen’s Hill on the 3rd to gain more qualifying points for Winter Championships. After spending the majority of October rigorously practicing both tests to develop my ‘conscious competence’ when competing, Leonie and I were delighted to find it’s been paying off when Prince and I were scored a pleasing 70% and 72%, which means we are now looking forward to competing at Winter Championships in February.

I’m extremely sceptical when it comes to straying away from routine at a competition, but after evaluating our performance, I strongly believe that there were things that I had done differently which really enhanced our performance. I think that one of the main things along with my mindset, was the fact I’ve recently started doing my own warm up routine whilst Leonie is warming Prince up in order to loosen off my hips and to activate all the muscles you need to ride. As mentioned in previous blogs, my hips tend to cease up, which means I brace against Princes bouncy trot, so some of the exercises I’ve been doing such as squats, imitate the movement you get underneath you when trotting. This ultimately helps me to sit to the trot better, and actually go with it, so that Prince can move more forward and free.

We’ve been finding that Prince hasn’t been as easy in the contact as of late, so we booked a dentist appointment on the 6th November for the vet to have a look and do them. We were shocked to find out that one of his front teeth has been infected, which came with the recommendation that it needed to be removed to prevent it from happening again in the future. Luckily, despite the fact that the tooth was infected, it didn’t really cause Prince much discomfort, which meant that we were still able to ride prior to the removal.


If you went to Your Horse Live on the 11th or 12th, you may have bumped into my amazing sponsors at Betta Life. Seeing as Stonleigh is only a half an hour drive from me, it would have been rude not to pop in and say hello to Ryan and Tim, and give them as much support as what they give me. I think it’s great how much of backing Pharmaquin has, and rightfully so! It’s a fantastic product that come highly recommend!


In other sponsorship news, I’m really excited to announce that Alexandra and Tate have kindly sponsored me for clothing! The whole idea behind the brand is to provide riders with clothing that you don’t have to be embarrassed about wearing to go out in after you’ve done the horses. As you know, all riders are busy on a regular basis, and in order to fit a social life in, you sometimes have to go and meet friends straight after riding, which means you tend to get funny looks with what your wearing. I’ll be uploading photos soon to show you all how lovely the clothes are.

The 18th Was our last competition of the year at Hartpury, scoring a safe 66% and 67%, with some really helpful comments from the judge to go away and work on at home ready to start again in January. Upon reflection, I can honestly say I’m pleased at how Prince and I have performed in competition this year, but I’m really excited to see what 2018 has in store for us.


For now, Prince is having a well earned week off after having his tooth removed, and will be returning to work next week, to start focusing on training throughout December to ensure we start the next competition season with a positive bang!

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