June 2017

June kicked off with Leonie’s wedding on the 2nd to Sion, which was a lovely day at the Holt Fleet. I feel partly responsible for them getting together as I remember us swiping through plenty of fish at one of our squad training sessions and Mom and I said he looked nice, the rest is now history, although I did have to have a serious conversation with Leonie about there intentions because I was having nightmares about her getting pregnant and not being able to train me…………she has set my mind at rest though.

The following week was the Gold semi finals at Wellington for the Championships in September, but we decided not to compete as Leonie was going to be on her honeymoon and I didn’t want to go without her, and as I am an individual rider again it is nice to be able to make decisions like that without having to answer to anyone. So instead Sam and I took the opportunity to have a week away in Mallorca while leonie was away, which also gave Prince a well earned week off before preparations for Hartpury.

Ashleigh and sam alcudia

On the 12th June it was back to business as usual, Leonie had already been back a couple of days so had bought Prince back into work before I got on, which was just as well as he was a little fresh apparently after his holiday. Leonie had completed the music for my freestyle so we started playing with the timings etc to get it right. We also looked at getting some electrolytes into Prince as the weather had turned warm and he will need all the help he can get with doing two International competitions so close together in July, we also ordered more supplies of Pharmaquin from BettaLife, which is the joint supplement we give to Prince in his feed. We regularly review everything we do and what we feed, as I think it is really important to ensure all of the horses needs are being fully met if we expect them to perform at their best, and its very reassuring to know that we are feeding the best joint supplement to support Prince’s joints as his training intensifies.  Bettalife are so confident in their supplement that they offer 100% money back guarantee so take a look at their page and order yours now by clicking on the link Bettalife  or here to  win a tub of Pharmaquin 


If you recall my saddle had to be sent of for some repairs last month which have now been done so Jo bought my saddle back out and checked it on the 23rd, which was a relief to have got it back in time to re adjust before the competitions. we also had to look at bits because the mouthpiece we ride Prince in is not legal to use at FEI competitions, which was luckily bought to our attention by one of our lovely stewards luckily. We normally use a hanging cheek with a lozenge in, but none of the fixed cheek snaffles are allowed a lozenge, which seems strange seeing as they are a gentler option, and I contacted the FEI to make certain but it is correct so its really important to check all of the rules thoroughly before these things.

Last week  we squeezed one extra treatment in for Prince with his physiotherapist Sue Palmer, he always feels so much looser after Sue has treated him, so its important to do everything to make sure he is capable of his best performance and this time it was in the comfort of the new treatment room at the yard.

So that’s it, we have prepared as much as we possibly can, so lets hope we do everyone proud at Princes International debut and my first 3* competition, once again a massive thank  you to Frost electroplating as without their generous support, we would not have been able to attend.


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